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Sunday, 13 December 2015

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to Backup Android contacts without Any Application

First of all, before updating your android device it is vital for you to create a backup of  your contacts so that the probability of losing your contacts becomes zero. Although, in most cases it is not necessary but if luck is not on your side then you might end up losing all your information like messages and contacts. Android users have something to
cheer about though as Google has allowed its Android users to link their accounts with Gmail. This enables the contacts syncing with your gmail account. Thus it is understood that if your phone is linked to your gmail account than your contacts are safe. In order to check this, one is required to visit his/her gmail account. Then, click on the Google logo on the top left side and select contacts from the drop down box that appears. If you see your contacts, then your contacts are backed up by
Google. However, if the list does not appear then there is something wrong and you are to take additional steps to ensure that your contacts are backed up. One can backup his/her contacts by opening settings from the apps menu and then open back-up and reset. All you need to ensure is that the backup my data option is ticked. If it is, then your phone will backup the contactsfor you. If it is not checked, then check it immediately. Backing up contacts ensures that if your phone is lost or any other situation that may result in getting a new phone, then relax, your contacts are safe and sound.
There are also certain apps available for Android users that enables them to backup their contacts. One such app is called Super Backup. It is easily the quickest app for backing up for Android users. This app enables users to backup their contacts and messages so that you never lose your data
again. By default, the backed up data is stored in internal memory. However, if you are going
to factory reset your phone then it is strongly recommended that you select memory card as
your default backup folder. Some of the features of Super Backup include: Creating a
backup of apps on your memory card and also restore it; backup and restore messages,
contacts and call logs; backup sms conversations; delete backup data and many
more features. Here is yet another way to backup Android contacts.

1. First of all, open up your contact list.
2. Touch the menu button, and a from the
menu that appears select the import/export
3. Then, you will see a list of options for
import and export:
4. Thereafter, select a suitable option
according to your needs and you will backup
your contacts:
The last step involves importing the contacts
to your phone.

How to run java apps on Android phone

In couple of days many People moved from Nokia to android mobiles will really miss their favorite jar/jad (java)

.  We know Android is much better than java phones but some of java apps and games are really good.
So how to enjoy those java apps and games on Android mobiles.
Lets start:-

now it’s possible with the application " JBED".

What is JBED?

JBED is an Android application which Run Java Games and Apps on Your Android.
JBED is a Java Android Java Emulator, using this application you can run /
you can install .JAR/.JAD/Java/J2ME/MIDP games or apps on Android phones.
Now you can use all of your favorite .JAR application in your phones.

how to run jar files on android:-

1.Download JBED from googleplay store.
2.Install JBED in your Android Install JBED.
3.Launch JBED application. Press menu button and choose SD card.
4.Select your .JAR/.JAD file that you want to install and run
5.Now install the application that you choosen
6.Now open the installed java application to run.By this method we can run jar files on android phones. If you successfully install the JAR application also sometimes you will get some graphical problems but dont worry solution is given below--

* Android should be rooted.

1.Download jbed and place in "system\lib" folder
2.Install the JBED.apk application and don’t open it directly.
3.Restart the mobile, and now try it.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How to change your folders background

Step 1: Have the Folder you want to put the background on open!

Step 2: Open up Notepad, then simply paste in this code:
iconarea_image=***Picture Location Here!***\***Name of File!***

Step 3: Go to ur picture (the picture you want to use!) and right click and select
properties and find the file location for example lets say my file is in "my hardrive" it
would be located at "C:\\" understand? copy the location!

Step 4: Now go back to ur text document (notepad) and where it says ***Picture
Location Here!*** paste the location...u copied in the previus step!

Step 5: Now after u've done that where it says ***Name of File!*** type the name
of the file including the .jpg .bmp .bip. jpeg etc

Step 6: Save the text document as "desktop.ini" be sure to remember the .ini
extension! click Save as "All Files" not "Text Document" and save the document in the
folder where u want the background to be!

Now just close the folder and open it again it should show the picture as a

Saturday, 10 January 2015



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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Make your Computer Welcome You

Do you watch movies? Have you always loved the way how Computers in movies welcome their users by calling out their names? I bet that you too would want to know how you can achieve similar results on your PC and have a computer said welcome.

Then you are at the right place, this article describes exactly how you can make your computer welcome you like this.

With this trick, you can make your Computer welcome you in its computerized voice. You can make your Windows based computer say "Welcome to your PC, Username."

Make Windows Greet you with a Custom Voice Message at Startup

To use this trick, follow the instructions given below:-

  1. Click on Start. Navigate to All Programs, Accessories and Notepad.
  2. Copy and paste the exact code given below.
Dim speaks, speech
speaks="Welcome to your PC, Username"
Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks
     3.  Replace Username with your own name.
     4.  Click on File Menu, Save As, select All Types in Save as Type option, and save the file as Welcome.vbs or "*.vbs".
     5.  Copy the saved file.
     6.  Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP) and to C:\Users\ {User-Name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista) if C: is your System drive. AppData is a hidden folder. So, you will need to select showing hidden folders in Folder options to locate it.
     7.  Paste the file.

 Make your Computer Welcome you at startup

Now when the next time you start your computer, Windows will welcome you in its own computerized voice.

Note: For best results, it is recommended to change sound scheme to No Sounds.
You can change the sound scheme to No Sounds by following the steps given below:-
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Then click on Switch to Classic View.
  3. Then Click on Sounds and Audio Devices.
  4. Then Click on the Sounds Tab.
  5. Select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme option.
  6. If you wish to save your Previous Sound Scheme, you can save it by clicking Yes in the popup menu.
  7. Click on OK.
Change Sound Scheme to No Sounds

Try it yourself to see how it works. In my personal opinion, this is an excellent trick. Whenever I start my PC in front of anybody and the PC welcomes me, the fellow is left wondering how brilliant a computer do I have.

JavaScript Tricks: Edit Websites in Browser (Live)

Imagine a world where you are a God and have ultimate control on what happens and more importantly, how it happens. Seems too good a dream. Now it has come true, at least for the online world.

JavaScript tricks
Using this trick, you will be able to edit any webpage live in your browser as if it was a Wiki and change the details according to your wish. Yes, you read that right. You can edit Google or even Facebook for that matter right in your browser and that too without requiring any technical know-how or getting deep into hacking and cracking.

This is just an example. You can use it for anything like showing wrong traffic stats or for fooling people by showing that someone said something about them on Facebook or Twitter. It depends only on your creativity. But I would advise you to stay ethical and use it for entertainment purposes only.

(Mozilla Firefox does not support this. If you use Firefox, you can use the bookmarklets given at the end of this post. If you use Google Chrome and the code does not seem to work, precede it with "javascript:" without quotes.)

To use this trick, all you need to do is just copy the code given below and paste it in your address bar after you have opened the website you wish to edit. And start editing.

You can capture a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key or by using the Snipping Tool if you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you wish to again make the website non-editable to give a more authentic look, copy and paste the code given below in the address bar after you are done editing (does not work in Firefox).


Or, alternatively you can use the following bookmarklets by dragging them to your Bookmarks bar.

1.  Edit this Website

2.  Done Editing

The editing that you do will however be temporary as it is not server-sided. You can also save the modified website through your browser by File>Save. This works on all common web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.


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